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Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Design Help! Light vs Dark, Inset vs. Overlay

last year

Hi all - firstly apologies as i'm sure many similar discussions are already out there. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. We think we have landed the overall design, however, are struggling with a few key aspects

1. Cabinet Color - our kitchen area is fairly open and large (about 23' x 15' - sink wall x range/fridge wall). We were thinking about painted dark grey/charcoal for the perimeter and a lighter color, perhaps white, for the island.

2. Floor color - we currently have this orangy looking oak flooring which we plan to refinish. We were going to try and get to a greyish/brown (more grey) floor.

3. Counter color - we were planning on going some sort of white with dark veining for the counters

4. Cabinet doors - not 100% sure yet but thinking inset

I've put pictures of my existing kitchen as well as a couple of designs I drew up for dark and light cabinets. Wanting to get some opinions on current design styles and thoughts on 1 to 4. Is there any style that would work better for the size of my kitchen? Will so many dark cabinets be too overwhelming? Are one size cabinets vs. staggering heights ok?

Thank you in advance for any ideas/thoughts you may have. I'm not a design expert and want to make sure I don't assume too many things before making a large investment!

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