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Furniture in narrow family room with 65 inch tv, fireplace and windows

last year

I would like some input on our family room. It is the one room in the house that is dedicated completely to relaxation and media. We have four reclining spaces, a 65 inch TV, and various gaming consoles. As we are redecorating to bring our house out of the ‘90s, we’re trying to figure out how to update our TV setup and furniture layout. We never use our fireplace and about 15 years ago, we bought a nice entertainment center and put it ON the hearth. The front of the entertainment center sits on the carpet and the back of it sits on the raised hearth. We had a workman cut off a couple of inches off of the back of the entertainment center so that it was level. Nobody can tell we have a fireplace behind there. Now, 15 years later we’re ready to say goodbye to the dated entertainment center. There is no room for the large tv to be in either corner. The room is 13x17 so it’s fairly narrow. I would like to put the TV on a 72-80 inch lower profile console but I’m not sure how to hide the fireplace. Also, I’m not sure what is the best layout for the seating. The chairs and sofa will stay. Lamps and table can all go. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

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