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How should I hole up my hostas & heuchies for the winter when I move?

Esther-B, Zone 7a
9 months ago

Had a meeting with contractor at my little house-to-be yesterday, to show him what I want done. He thinks he can be finished by the end of January, so hopefully I could move in by about February 1. So, where would be the best place to place my potted hostas and heuchies until spring? The back of the house faces north. There is a large garden shed in back of the house with about 3-4' of space between it and the house, which could offer some shelter. I will erect a hardware cloth fence with a top around the bunched pots of plants, to avoid serving up a deer buffet.

Here is a shot of the back of the house. The large bushes on the eastern side of the house are gone now. Where should I store the pots of hostas in their fence/cage? Thanks!

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