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Seeking baseboard advice for a mid-century house

2 years ago

We're installing oak floors in our kitchen as part of a major kitchen remodel. As a result the entire first story floors will be refinished, so it's a good opportunity to replace the MDF baseboards that we dislike. We're stuck on what to choose. Our house is a 1958 build with the narrow trim of its time, and 92"-high ceilings. Not a true MCM classic, but more mid-century than anything else. We would like to buy new baseboards that fit the home's original construction.

The second story has the original baseboards, a simple wavy shape that we really like. Our kitchen designer dislikes them though. She recommends 4" flat stock, or a simple eased-edge baseboard. We're going to install the eased-edge in the kitchen, but we're hesitating on installing it on the rest of the first floor. We're considering a taller version of our wavy baseboards (local millwork company offers it in a couple of heights), or clamshell.

What do Houzzers recommend? Wave, clamshell, eased edge, something completely different? We also would appreciate baseboard height recommendations for any style that you recommend. Attaching a picture of the three baseboard styles we're considering, and some pictures of the house that show its architectural style. Thanks for any and all advice!

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