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Patio Rose winter care-Minnesota

last year


I purchased a patio rose this spring (36 inch Doris Day from Brecks) and am wondering about what to do with it this winter. I'm in southern Minnesota, zone 4b, and the only other roses I have experience with are shrub roses that I don't do anything special beyond rabbit fencing in the winter.

It is in a big container, but easy to move. Options I have are an unheated garage (where it'll be out of the wind and light but will freeze) and an unheated basement room that will get down into the 50's. I've read that you can bury the whole pot but this would be quite a task and our ground freezes down 3-4 feet anyway. It has yet to drop it's leaves so I'm unsure when to bring it in, it has been unseasonably warm but weather will change drastically here soon. Thoughts?

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