Suggestions for Blinds for Sliding doors

6 months ago

Our house is finally done and although we aren't living there permanently yet, we need to get started on the blinds. The good thing is we don't have a ton of actual windows but we do have 4 sliding doors and one is 90 degree sliding door which opens our living space into the lanai. I have looked at Vertilux Neolux dual shades and Hunter Douglas Pirouette and Silhouette and I'm not afraid to admit I am totally a fish out of water here. I haven't even an idea of where to start! I love the open airy feeling of my home but I know we need privacy. I hate the idea of any draperies or blinds that will make the space feel dark and like a tomb. I also don't want dust collectors! Suggestions? I don't have great pictures of the LR. Can't believe in the hundreds of pictures I took I didn't take on of that whole view but these should help show you the space somewhat. I am thinking whatever I do on these sliding doors I will do on the other 3.

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