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Miele W1 WWH860 Cycle Times

last year
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Hi. I created a document containing cycle times for every cycle. There are two tabs; one that has Estimated times, and another that has Detailed times that include wash, rinse, and spin times. I created this because this info is not provided by the manufacturer, and I feel it could be helpful for deciding what cycle to select.

I realize that the majority of people will not be interested in such details...the ones that just select Normal and walk away. But I am posting this for the few of us who crave such details.

Miele W1 WWH860 Cycle Times

No part of these results were provided by Miele. This was done by my observation only.

All tests were completed with an empty drum.
Incoming water temperature was room temperature (76*F) for both Hot and Cold Fill AND Cold Fill only.

All temps used were the coldest the cycle allows to give an estimate of the minimum cycle time. Choosing Extra Options, a warmer wash temp, a larger load size, or different water pressure may result in longer Wash/Cycle times. (Wrinkle-Free, Normal, and Dress Shirts are slightly longer when Cold wash temp is selected.)

All times referenced are for the Normal Soil option. Light Soil may result in shorter Wash/Cycle times. Heavy Soil may result in longer Wash/Cycle times.

When using a H+C intake, cycles were shorter than when using Cold Intake only, even when no heating occurred in the cycle. (Verified by PowerMeter)

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