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Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Color- Help!

2 years ago


My contractor uses SW paint and I am now 8 samples down and haven't been able to find the shade I am looking for. I am trying to find a medium smokey gray/blue but everything I have tried has leaned super blue once I painted it on a piece of hardie board and took it outside. I am looking for something similar to these that I have attached but maybe slightly less blue or not as dark as the last photo. Another issue is the SW store is out of samples so I have to get it from Lowes and they don't have all the colors. If I have a good feeling about a paint I will just purchase small $15 can from SW to try it out but after my 8 fails I don't want to do that with another 8. Any suggestions for me? I live in TX and have lots of bright sunshine so maybe that is why it all looks extra blue to me. I guess I would prefer to lean more gray.

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