I hesitated to post this......

6 months ago

Because of the just say "mixed" reactions I get to this every year.....

HOWEVER I am happy, and I like to share.

A few days ago they started playing Christmas music on the radio, to my delight! There are currently 3 local stations that are playing it right now. I understand that it is by overwhelming request that they start this early.

It is true that one can find any number of ways to listen to Christmas music whenever one wants nowadays. And I do, but there is just SOMETHING about when they start playing it on the radio that just brings a warm happy feeling. Like a musical bear hug from Buddy the Elf.

It is REALLY wearing down my resolve to NOT put up my Christmas decoration display at work yet. I have my paltry little Thanksgiving stuff up, and I am playing "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on my big projector, much to the delight of the truck drivers. But I am ITCHING to wrap something, string some lights, and bring some twinkle to this place. The only thing truly holding me back is that I have not yet acquired my Candy Cane and other Christmas candy stash to put out for everyone, something I have deliberately avoided to contain myself. My display is not complete without treats. I am aiming to either put it up on the 19th or 20th, or I can wait until the night after Thanksgiving, as I am off Thanksgiving night but am scheduled to work for someone else the night after. But I do not think I can make it that long....not with Michael Bublé, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin serenading me......

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