Wintering my sempervivum / echeveria

I'm in zone 7A, western NC. It's 34 degrees right now, and supposed to frost tonight :-(

Some of you may remember that I converted a bird bath to a succulent garden earlier this year. I LOVE it, it's a beautiful accent piece for my garden! Buuuuut, it's time to winterize it. For now I've moved it to my garage, but that's just temporary.

In it are:

Hens and chicks that I bought from Lowes, not sure of the type; maybe Black?

Royal Ruby hens and chicks

Cobweb Buttons hens and chicks

Ice Plant

Lemon Ball stonecrop

Dragon's Blood stonecrop

Reflexed stonecrop

Added later:

Firestorm sedum

Blue Heron echeveria

Those last two were bad choices... Lowes had them marked as sempervivum, but I realized later that they're not :-(

I'm pretty sure that all of the hens and chicks will be fine outside. The lemon ball SAYS it will handle down to 0 degrees, but I've had it in the past and it died over the winter so I'm dubious. Dragon's Blood says it's good with low temperatures, too.

What about the ice plant, reflexed stonecrop, Firestorm, and Blue Heron? Should I dig them up, put them in pots, and bring them inside, while leaving the rest of the birdbath outside?

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