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Transitioning between paint colors on one wall? Need ideas!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hello! So some background: originally I had a plan to paint my main floor either Edgecomb Gray or Gatherings (Magnolia). I have a super open concept home so planned on sticking to one paint color. When my new counters were installed they were a different color than they had appeared in the warehouse (thats a whole different post on here). Anyways, to try and work with the countertops I have to do a different paint color in the kitchen. Edgecomb is too beige and Gatherings too green- they make the counters look purple. HOWEVER I would still really like to use Gatherings in the rest of my house as it goes perfect with the rugs/flooring/couches that I have already ordered.

My question: How do I seperate the two different colors when they share one wall? Ive attached a picture and ideally my kitchen paint would stop at the red arrow. I’d like to transition to the other color in a way that looks nice. Any brilliant ideas?

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