Need paint help ASAP, why so streaky??

Hi all, I have had my contractor repaint the walls and correct multiple texture issues and as well as streaky patches over the past 6 months!

We have come to the end of our renovation and the guys reprinted and reprimed all the walls again. First they used a brush around the edges, then they used a roller and the next morning added a second coat of the grey paint. This morning I found that the walls have a streak going all along the edge that almost looks like a different grey shade.

I pointed this out to the guy painting who claimed that he “doesnt see it”... not the response I expected since it’s pretty obvious especially in real life.

I have no idea what keeps going wrong? Why the streaks keep appearing and what is causing them. At this rate I am so tired of this repainting (it’s about 6+ times now plus all the primer) I just don’t think our poor walls can take it anymore.

Any explanation on why this keeps happening? And how we can correct it without getting MORE patches and streaks as a result? I know it’s hard to see In my photos but if you zoom you’ll see it. It’s even worse in person.

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