Decor/lighting ideas to blend offset kitchen focal points?

Trudy P
last month

I tried keeping my kitchen design fairly symmetric, and desired a 3" offset between the center of the wall (sink) and the island cooktop & hood. But I could not be certain on measurements as the room didn't exist. Here's a photoshop of what I was aiming for.

Now that the room is almost framed, it appears there will be nearly a foot offset between the two focal points. So now the below photoshop is what I envision the end result may look like. In this photo I further mis-aligned the pendant lights over the island to help rectify the competing focal points. But I don't know how dumb it will look IRL if the pendants are this off-center from the island itself. It also seemed putting a little wood/black trim at the ceiling of the island hood may possibly help. Is there anything else/different decor or lighting wise that you think may help? At this point I can't move the island closer to the fridge or change the cabinets/cooktop/hood.

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