Help selecting patio door size.

Blueflower S
last month

Hi All,

I need help. I have to decide what size patio doors I want in my new primary bedroom. If you see the floor plan, the family room has a big 10ft 4panel sliding door($$$). The architect has recommended same sized door for the bedroom. I like a cozy bedroom and also don't want to spend that much on 2 massive doors. The 4 panel door is 30" wide panels so the architect is recommending that if we want to use small doors we must go with 30" panels for symmetry. That means that the bedroom patio door is only going to be 5ft wide. It's a little over 12ft long bedroom and faces East. I feel it's a little too small for that size and also concerned with not getting enough morning sun. I was proposing a small window on the left of the 5ft door(may be not center it to the bedroom) but the architect thinks it'll be too crowded and he is again worried about symmetry(looking from backyard).

What would you do? I am really conflicted. I however do understand his recommendation of having the same panel size and style as family room door for symmetry and cohesiveness.

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