Living Room Help Needed!

Dave M
last month

Should we add built-ins? Thinking basic white shaker with black hardware. What about seating? We wanted either a reading nook in the corner but don’t want a cramped seat, or slim symmetrical seating on each side of the tv. What about the window area? That tiny inherited settee has got to, but what to place instead? We don’t host too often, but when we do it’s plenty of kiddos and large adults, but we don’t want to live year round with bulky furniture. There’s also the mini-split area—currently filled with bikes and strollers but not for long, what would you place there? We have tons of books but they’re mostly worn paperbacks as opposed to display quality decor. It’s been nearly a year since we got our 100-year old charming little Tudor townhouse, but with so many other projects, the living room still hasn’t gotten much love and I can’t make up my mind. Hmmm how would YOU deck out this space?! Feel free to comment and add pics below if able—Thank you in advance, all!

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