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The first hundred or so copies of the Heritage Roses Groups "Rose Letter" (that's mostly the California memberships) went into the mail early Saturday morning, before the rain here began. We hope to have the balance of them to USPS by Wednesday morning.

When your copy arrives, look for the notice of a limited-capacity November 6 special event in Northern California.


I was particularly interested to see an article on the roses of Michael Henry Horvath (1868-1945) -- a breeder we seldom read about, but one who created some wonderful roses, and whose work has always intrigued me.

Born in Hungary, Horvath spent his later years in Mentor, OH, when that area was an important rose-growing center. (He was also a trustee of the American Rose Society.)

There's a lot more, of course, but don't miss the issue. I have some thoughts about Horvath, and the things he created . . .


If you aren't a member of the Heritage Roses Group, but want to learn more about it, check out:

The Heritage Roses Group | Study, Preservation, Fellowship

Many back issues of "The Rose Letter" are archived there, for your reading pleasure.

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