Builder says 48” hood liner for 60” wolf range is ok

RC Block
last month

Im building and have selected a wolf 60 inch dual fuel range with griddle. We are having a wooden hood custom made, but the 60 inch liner can’t be inserted because the clips can’t get past a certain point in the hood design because it curves. The builder and cabinet maker both say going to a 48” hood will fix this problem but I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea. The wooden hood will stay 60” but the liner will only be. 48” I’m not sure what will be in the empty space. (Pic is not mine but similar layout with windows, cabinets & tiled wall. Mine is still under construction.)

I have seen some similar questions but the answers are very technical. I don’t understand cfm, mua etc. so it sounds like a bad idea but then every few answers makes it seem ok. Thank you for any advice.

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