Thermador, untrustworthy repairs and delinquent workers

last month

My Thermador cook top started " suddenly exploding" throwing off pots and blowing off the control knobs. After a 70 minute hold on the Thermador help line, I explained my problem online and made the earliest service appt which was 2 weeks out !! I had a plumber come in and check the gas lines and they were all OK. The Thermador service man made 3 appts over the next month, and did not show up for any. I work and had to take off work and lose pay 3 times. When I called the Thermador helpline, " undue waiting time due to the pandemic and unprecedented call volumes", after a 40 to 70 minute hold time each call, I was made another appt to which the repair man never showed up. They have NO CONTROL over their employees. I will never buy another Thermador ( and neither will my three daughters) and will change to a Wolf as soon as the current supply chain problems resolve and one becomes available. On my last call after the third no show, the lady who was helping me, never called back after the line got disconnected ? by her) and I did not make another call for a hour long hold time. Sadly this is the decline of America as a whole, when companies with big name recognition cannot find qualified employees to run their services. We are rapidly degenerating to a " third world behavior" while the rest of the world is getting better because they believe in an Old USA that no longer exists. No one believes in keeping their word anymore and companies hire staff that come and go and are not vested in the public profile of their company or keeping their word. A SAD DAY ....

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  • wdccruise
    last month

    Perhaps it would be easier to use the online Service Finder instead of phoning. If there's factory service available in your area you can book an appointment online.

    "We are rapidly degenerating to a 'third world behavior' while the rest of the world is getting better because they believe in an Old USA that no longer exists."

    Based on what data do you make this statement?