Potential Rot Problems With Caralluma retrospiciens

westes Zone 9b California SF Bay
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I have a new Caralluma restrospiciens that may be developing a rot and I need help figuring it out. The plant has some black spots on it, although these are not soft to the touch. But the entire plant has a softer "springy" feel to it. I am not familiar with this species. Should the limbs be extremely hard or do they normally flop around some?

The plant had a single root that was clearly rotted, and I cut that off. The remaining root appears to be hard to the touch and normal color. But what is the meaning of these black spots that are appearing throughout the plant's surface? See attached photos.

How should I treat this plant at this point? Should I just leave it dry for the Winter and let the roots continue to develop while watching for a worsening of the rot? Is there anything I can try doing to improve the plant's chances?

If the black spots spread I guess the plant is doomed since there is no clear location where the plant could be cut?

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