Please help with kitchen remodel layout/dishwasher placement

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Hi Friends!

Was hoping that you all might weigh in on the proposed kitchen layout for our 1930's Spanish home. I've attached the 2D layout (to-scale), with measurements. Our goals were to gain as much pantry and counter space as possible, while maintaining an eat-in kitchen (in this case, we went for a breakfast nook using a corner banquette). One of the main challenges we found is that there is not enough room to put the dishwasher next to the sink (only 15" of space on either side of the sink), so we opted to put a 24" dishwasher in the center of the peninsula instead (with 24 inch wide dish drawers on either side. We know this is not ideal, but we are willing to compromise function to a degree to maintain symmetry/beauty. Would love to hear thoughts re: the layout overall, and any other dishwasher location options we might have overlooked. Also open to totally new layout suggestions. Thanks so much in advance for your insights!

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