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RE: Set of windows above the covered porch (=principal bedroom and ensuite windows).

Haaalp please :)

I used a very reputable architectural firm to design our home. I'm also using a reputable general contractor.

The contractor is telling me that the 6 large windows across the principal bedroom (highlighted) won't fit because the plans didn't account for a window header. Apparently one page of drawings did account for it, but the others didn't.

So now we have trusses that won't work with the windows as planned. (I'm not 100% sure, but I think he means the covered porch trusses).

I now have to have the windows reframed to fit 4' windows instead of 5'.

And the ensuite windows (pictured to the left of the principal bedroom windows might need to be changed too.

The problem really gets financially significant to us, because we have now ordered and paid for a whole lot of windows that are the wrong size, that we can't use anywhere else. They were a lot of $$.

I've emailed the architect, but I'm wondering where I should go in my conversations with them.

When I hired a VERY expensive, reputable firm, I wouldn't have expected problems like this. Do you think I have a chance at asking them to make this right and pay for their mistake?

Who's at fault here?

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