Living Apart Together: How to split this two floor apartment?

last month

Calling all creative minds! This is to help my other half and I think outside the box a little more as we need to make an offer this week if we want to purchase this home. (Before renovating we'd likely involve an architect but right now, we're stumped! )

Short request: How would you split the below floor plans into two apartments- a three-bedroom (with balcony) and a one-bedroom (with garden i.e. green space)?

Additional context: My partner and I have been looking to buy for a while but would like to keep our living areas separate (LAT model).

Below are floorplans for a place we love but are trying to decide if (with a renovation) the layout will work for our circumstances.


- Cat owner, no kids

- Approx. 1/3 floorspace allocation

- Must: 1 bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, good outdoor space, good kitchen


- Two children (one with severe cat allergy), likes lots of light.

- Approx. 2/3 floorspace allocation

- Must: 3 bedrooms (two small/singles are fine), bright living space (i.e. wouldn't want a living space without windows)

Other considerations:

- There are a lot of load bearing walls

- The entrance to the apartments that are communal (with two other apartments) are blocked off with red 'x's in the floor plan

- The basement doesn't have a lot of light (half windows at the front, French doors to a dark garden at the back).

- Due to the cat allergy access to theirapartment cannot be via my apartment. (True split is preferred but as long as my apartment has a separate entry there is no real issue.)

- The thought is that my apartment would have the garden (faded green area) and their apartment would have the balcony and high ceilings of the main floor

- Kitchen is stunning and brand new so we would prefer not to remove/move it

Thank you!!!

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