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Layout help for attic bathroom

last year

We are finishing off the attic in this house to be a master bedroom and bathroom. The bath space is about 10'-8"x12' with about 7' high walls. We've played around with lots of layouts, and this one seems to be the best option.

The joists are 2x8s on 12" centers and run left to right. Load bearing walls are located on the left about 3' into the room and on the right about 2' past the end of the room. 10'-6" total span.

Beyond the right and left walls is more attic space with downsloping roofs.

Question #1: Can this floor support a tub? I think the above gives me 40 psf, but I'd love a second opinion.

Question #2: Should we install a tub? This is a flip house, so we're trying to make decisions with the finances in mind. This is a 100 year old house with a 5x7 bath with a tub downstairs. If we left it off, we'd just leave it empty in front of the window.

Question #3: Which way should we run the plumbing (drains in particular)? To the left or to the right? The existing downstairs bath is half under the upper left corner and half to the left of that. We could find a spot in one of those walls that didn't conflict with the existing lines and drop it to the basement. Or we could run the 2 drain lines to the right, then down through the LB wall, then connect them in the basement. We could also possibly run the shower and toilet drains down the wall behind them (stairs).

Question #4: Is this our best layout? Trying to marry good layout with the complexities of the plumbing connections.

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