Central heat SMELLS BAD!

last month

We have lived in this house through 2.5 winters now. I don't remember this being an issue the previous years, but this year, we just turned on the central heat for the first time this season and OH BOY IT SMELLS! If I stand right over a vent, the air coming out makes me feel sick! My husband swears he changed all the filters just a month ago, and we were running the AC until recently, and that didn't have an odor.

The smell reminds me exactly of the way our garage smells, like a mix of musty mildew, and gasoline. It's a strong smell. We do have some kind of heat unit in the garage, could that be the cause of this? Does anyone know what I should do to investigate or fix this? Attached is a photo of the garage heat unit.

Any advice is helpful, thank you.

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