Best use of long and (somewhat) narrow kitchen

last month

I have a kitchen that is pretty small. Wife is not happy about it and want to make it better.

- one of the corner cabinet next to the sink is wasted.

- the right side of the kitchen is about 8'

- the two white rectangle is some Ikea cabinet that is shorter than a counter.

- Kitchen is tile

- 9:00 leads to the living room which is hardwood

- 4:30 leads to the family room which is hardwood

- 6:00 leads to the dining room, which is hardwood and currently used as kids area, so we are not eating there.


- more cabinet space

- still can seat 4 comfortably, 6 if squeezing in tight (the current table is good size)

Since the kitchen is pretty narrow, I have no idea what to do

- Push the peninsula out, and eat at the counter. But she hates eating on a line.

- Have a gallery kitchen, so a long wall of counters and cabinet. The dishwasher and sink will be against the wall. The table will be pushed in the 7:#0 direction to make some room

- Replace the ikea kitchen cabinet with shallow cabinet that is connected to the rest of the counter space... so essentially a t shape kitchen., Instead of having wall cabinet we may opt for floating shelf instead.

- Wife wants an island but I think this kitchen is too small for one - at 3 feet walkway the island will be like 2' wide which seems rather useless

Any thought and idea will be appreciated

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