Laundry Room Bliss

eaw 513
last month

Just had to share that after 20 months of delays, storing what turned out to be the wrong laundry room tile for a year, a 10-day delay with exchanging wrong tile for correct tile, and 3 hours of drive time with stops to return in one place and pickup correct tile in another my laundry room reno is finally on its way. More importantly the kitchen and powder rooms are next.

I ❤️❤️❤️ my linen look hex tile and can hardly wait to get cabinets/counters/backsplash/wallpaper in. Grout is a color called London Fog which is a light grey with brown undertones, the cabinets are a lighter grey with the same brown undertones too.

If I died today I’d die a happy woman. Only house people would understand that…

(Pics of tile, custom paper, fabric for Roman shade and cabinets)

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