Help with white tile flooring/grout

last month

I installed matte off-white porcelain tile and frost maipai grout. Meanwhile I acquired a second puppy…you know where this is

My tiles and grout are constantly dirty. They race around playing and the dirt seems to rub off their paws, especially after a walk. Sometimes it looks like there are black oily footprints.

The grout cleans very quickly and easily, but it’s a pain to do constantly. The tile clean with a bona mop, but it’s a nightly chore and by morning it is dirty again.

- would sealing the grout help, or will it just get dirty again? I was told the grout had a built in sealer by the installer.

- can I hurt the grout by cleaning too much?

- Is there an upright grout cleaning tool or cordless or electric cleaner I could use?

- is there anything I could apply to the surface of the tile to prevent the dirt?

I’m down to considering a robo mop (narwal?) and/or more rugs, but I’m not sure a robomop can clean deeply enough and it wont get the grout.

Thank you for any advice!!!

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