Pella Impervia Window Quality

last month

I’m interested in hearing about anyone else’s experience with Pella Impervia Windows, particularly the black windows.

We’re building a home and after waiting more than 5 months for our windows to arrive, we’re less than impressed with what we’ve received. The packaging the windows arrived in looked like they’d been literally thrown from the truck and had been soaked for extended periods of time. When we raised our concerns with Pella and noted there was visible damage without even completely unwrapping the windows, we were told that the damage would not be visible once installed and they ”provide a touch up paint.”

The windows have now been installed and a number of the windows that are supposed to open require replacement parts because they are not operating correctly. We have window grilles that do not meet completely at the point of intersection so there are visible gaps with clear plastic showing. Nearly every window has at least one noticeable dent/crack/split along the exterior frame - to the point where you can actually see the fiberglass fibers - and the overall workmanship is just not great.

Has anyone else had a similar or different experience? Surely I’m not crazy for thinking new windows should never look like this.

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