When reality meets fantasy - Help me redirect from the dream room

Marissa Brooks
last month

I have longed for a jewel box little reading room for a quite a while and my kids have gotten old enough that I have reclaimed the sunroom for exactly that purpose. My inspiration room is a Zoe Feldman design that has every vertical surface painted a gorgeous deep blue. Next step was to find comfortable chairs because though I love the look of a window seat, they don’t suit for relaxing with a book for me.

In order to appease the painter (aka my husband), I agreed to go with a semi-stylish recliner, because they really are amazing to curl up in. Which leads me to my dilemma. Before pulling the expensive trigger on two lovely leather Pottery Barn Flynn recliners, I came across these chairs on FB marketplace. They are Lazyboy power recliners and I got them for $300 for both. They are in pristine condition, mostly look like ”real chairs” and retail for $1600 a piece. Only problem, they are a pale green.

As much as I have been pining over this blue room, I don’t think it makes sense anymore. So where to go from here? Paint it all blue and pretend the chairs were on purpose. Pivot to another deep color that the chairs would fit better with? Sell the chairs for a profit and put that money towards what I really want (the painters least favorite option)?

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