Plant or Soil/Woodchips/Rocks for Blocking Pet Odor?

last month

Hi All,

Anyone have recommendations to block a pet urine smell coming from our neighbors courtyard?

My husband and I bought our townhome in July. Our next door neighbor allows her three dogs to go to the bathroom on the cement in her front courtyard, which shares a fence with our courtyard.

When walking up to our front door, the smell of dog urine coming from her yard is pretty overwhelming....not exactly the most pleasant thing to come home to.

I know she cleans it occasionally with Simple Green, but the urine smell returns very shortly after (especially on warmer days).

We have a small plant bed that parallels the fence. We are working on trying to figure out what to fill it with. I be very appreciative of any recommendations for Odor Blocking plants or soil/woodchips/rocks. We originally wanted to do black rocks with succulents, but now I'm thinking putting something in to block the odor would be a better idea. Thoughts??

Thank you in advance!

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