Guidance on using Lori Sawaya's info to choose exterior paint color?

Hi! I'm going down the rabbit hole of choosing an exterior paint color. Learning a LOT, especially enjoying the posts by Lori Sawaya. Now I know just enough to know that there's a lot of misinformation out there about color, but I don't understand Lori's info well enough to use it to guide my color choices. I hope someone can help me. There is a paint shortage, and any samples I do will have to be gallon cans, so I really need to narrow it down before sampling. I only have about 10 days.

We live near the ocean in a 1950s bungalow, and are thinking about doing an off white with white trim. Our neighbor across the street has a white on white house, and next door is white with black trim, so we want to do something a little different from that. I don't love gray but am willing to consider it if it is a warm color. The front of the house is facing west, so it's in the shadow most of the day. The south side of the house is exposed to the street and gets full sun, so something that doesn't wash out in the sun. The roof is light gray with browns in it.

From color reviews and pictures online, I'm wondering about Oyster white or Aesthetic white with Pure White trim. (We are going with Sherwin Williams). I'm not sure if aesthetic white will provide enough contrast. We sampled Natural Tan on the house thinking it might be light enough, but I don't love it.

Please also give input if you think a different color scheme would work better because of all the shade.

I'll try to post some house pics and inspiration pics. I lost the entire post with my first try....

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Mary Lynn

P.S. The large red arbutus tree is staying but the large shrub inside the fence that is blocking the view of the house will go.



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