Help! Reuse? Grasscrete/Turfstone

Years ago we installed Turfstone on the driveway. It was nice for a few years, but ultimately proved a mistake given the drought and need for maintenance. I want to reuse it for SOMETHING. Any ideas? Has anyone put flat pavers over it, or repurposed it for landscape walls, planters, or......? I want to relandscape the front yard, and the thought of pulling out all this concrete and not finding another use for it is distressing.

Maybe if we lived in a rainy place it would have worked. It did the job of a driveway and has stayed level and flat, but digging out each little square to replenish the soil (did that: never again) is crazy, and the drought makes watering it truly foolish. It has become a trip hazard and heat sink. I did a trial of pebbles, but they scatter and get underfoot. So now it's not only ugly but also difficult to walk on.

Big flat pavers over it? Any other Repurposing ideas? Experiences? I hope somebody out there can help! thanks!

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  • Christopher C Nc
    last month

    Fill it full of sand and keep it. It is now an eco conscious permeable surface. It also looks perfectly fine without the grass.

  • Cheryl Lilienstein
    Original Author
    last month

    Thank you. I installed it because 30 years ago it was (and like you say still is) an eco conscious permeable surface....Maybe sand would work, although I can't imagine how sand would stay put? And how would the sand be cleaned of the ubiquitous falling leaf matter? I'd love any other thoughts...

  • Christopher C Nc
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Sand will stay put just like any other kind dirt, more so if you don't obsess over weeds. Just accept the green that wants to live there without water and getting driven on all the time.

    Or polymeric sand for paver joints has a binding agent which may help even with your grass block.

    Clean it with a blower.