How best to fill the space above cabinets with decor?

Nicole A
last month
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Hello! This is my kitchen in my lovely Florida pool home. This pic is from before I moved in so it looks extra bare, but the general decor in my home is beachy/ocean/Florida. Just off picture to the right is a lovely view out to the lanai and pool area.

To give this wall above the cabinets a more filled or finished look, I want to add things. What do you great interior designers suggest? Here were some ideas so far, but if you have specific suggestions on if I should do a mix of all ideas...and how you would place them, etc

  • Artwork on the walls
  • Fake palms/tropical plants
  • Vases

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thank you to everyone's suggestions and time, especially those who edited the photo. *However*, this is not going to become a pricey project of completely redoing my island or cabinets. And I personally feel a backsplash would be overwhelming because that area is so long.

I will either simply do nothing as some suggested, or I will put just a couple of sizeable pieces of art so it looks more "complete" but also not crowded, busy, or gaudy. THANKS AGAIN!

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