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Which floor plan? Or maybe an entirely different one? Need advice.

8 months ago

Maybe we need to hire a KD! Husband likes the first floor plan. I've been playing around with different ideas and came up with the 2nd plan with the island. The biggest issue is our current kitchen, which is about 12 X 14, has 3 doorways which eliminates a lot of wall space. In plan #1 my concerns are that there are still 3 doorways into the kitchen, the entry door opens right into the working space and next to the range, and that the peninsula is going to be under a header beam which I feel will be awkward. In the island plan, I moved the doorway to enter through our den to give us two whole walls to use, but he hates the idea of not walking directly into the kitchen. He also thinks the refrigerator is too far from the range and that the island would be "in the way". He likes the open floor plan better. Did I mention he's a chef and the cook of the house? We have no kids so it's just us and occasional entertaining. What do you think? (And I would be thriled to hear any comments/changes).

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