Daybed with trundle but looks like a couch?

Joshua Lannik
last month

Seems like this is impossible to find.

Wife and I bought a house earlier this year, and instead of reserving a room as the "guest room" to not be used most of the time (especially in COVID times!), we each have an office that we figured could both be used as guest rooms. Hers has an old futon in it, which works fine and is actually pretty comfortable. For my office, we were thinking about a daybed with an additional trundle, because neither of us has ever encountered a comfortable sleeper sofa and don't want to inflict that on any guests we have. The daybed would be used as a couch most of the time.

The problem is that, so far, every "daybed" we've seen seems to either:

1) Be set up like a chaise or other similar thing, or

2) Look like (and be designed as) a bed first, or

3) Look like what I can only call a "sofa" rather than a couch- i.e. tall relatively straight back with pretty minimal cushioning.

We'd really like something that looks like, well, a couch- upholstered body, matching cover for the exposed mattress, and several removable back cushions (again, matching). Basically something that looks like and can be used as a couch most of the time but sleeps like you're on a mattress if you want to use it that way, because you're on an actual mattress, rather than some sort of thin foldy thing. Is what we're looking for basically a custom order, or does it actually exist somewhere?


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