Flooring for hair salon; lifeproof or outlast?

Julie P
last month

We want to place new flooring over the existing vinyl floor and are considering lifeproof and outlast. Wondering what holds up better and how difficult installation is. Is it best to go with prof. installers or is it something we can do ourselves? Never worked with floors before. Thanks!

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  • PRO
    Magnifico Profounde
    last month
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    None of that is suitable for a commercial installation. The old flooring has to be removed first, and then the subfloor prepped. A commercial level gluedown product from Karndean or Mannington would be my recommendation. Your local flooring supply house that handles contract level flooring is the best source. Your pro installer should have a relationship with them.

  • jescape
    last month

    Thank you for that advice. We just talked to an installer today who said the same thing. Go figure :)