Electric Fireplace Questions

Lindsay Post
last month

I am converting our deck to a screened in porch and currently we have a bump out for our existing indoor gas direct vent fireplace that is venting into what will be the screened porch. I am planning to reroute the vent up through the roof of the porch, but i'm not thrilled with the appearance of this bump out so i had planned to remove the shingled portion and clapboard, reframe and extend it up to the roof of the porch, and cover it in some sort of stone/tile so it looks more intentional. I'd also like to install a recessed electric fireplace for ambiance. My question is, has anyone ever installed an electric fireplace that backs up to a gas fireplace? I'm sure there are considerations about how close it can be, how much space between the vent pipe and the electric fireplace, etc. Any feedback or additional thoughts or different suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA!

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