Direction of flooring in relation to stair nose

last month

Hi - we're getting new LVT throughout the first floor - entry, kitchen & living room. We're getting large planks - 9" X 72". I originally thought that I wanted the flooring to run from the front to the back of the house, mainly because the entry is rather narrow & I think the large planks would look better going straight out in front as opposed to side to side. But we also will have a stair nose at the top of an open staircase in the living room, that will be going side to side. The stairs will not be LVT - they will remain carpeted, so it will just be the one stair nose at the top. So now I'm thinking that stair nose will look odd going in a different direction of the floor. The first pic is walking into the front entry that is narrow. Thoughts?

This is why we're going with the large planks - lots of wide open space in the living room and the kitchen as well.

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