Dear Evan Hansen

last month

One of my daughters is a musical theatre fanatic. She performed in high school and now teaches drama/theatre in high school. Thanks to Covid, we have not attended a musical theatre production for over two years. My daughters bought us and my sister tickets to Wicked in Vancouver for my retirement. It was cancelled and we got a refund and that money sits and waits until we can again attend a live production. Anyway, today we saw Dear Evan Hansen in a movie theatre. First time inside such a place in over 2 years. I know there has been contraversy over the movie, but I thought it was well done and delivered a powerful message. The lead actor, Ben Platt, I found to be believable as an older high school student, but for one or two short instances where his five o'clock shadow was evident. Long story short, I appreciated the message of the movie and had a wonderful afternoon with my daughters. Has anyone seen it?

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