Living Room furniture placement??

last month

I feel like there has to be an answer out there but I haven’t found it yet…

Our house has a very large living room (excuse the amateurish drawing, I don’t have a decent pic handy). The fireplace is centered in a long wall, and is flanked by windows. Each short wall has a window centered on it, and the other long wall has a standard door on one side, and an opening of about 5’ on the other side.

I am STRUGGLING to figure out what furniture to get and where to place it so that we can simultaneously enjoy a fire and watch tv. I don’t love the idea of mounting over the fireplace and really feel like it would be too high to enjoy anyway. We currently have an old sectional that fit in our old house but will need to be replaced soon anyway, so I’m open to any and all advice on furniture style.

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