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Please help with my Master Bedroom. I shortened the thread. Thank you!

last year
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I finally was able to save some of my pictures of my bedroom to try to share. I bought this headboard in 2007 from Wesley Allen. The decorative headboard is so pretty when covered by pillows but the rustic ivory color in person is always so dirty and when not covered it is too busy for me. I bought all these samplize colors hoping changing the wall color will make the headboard less dirty looking at night. I have chemical allergies so I have to go with material that will not outgas but I am open to ideas. Thank you if you have time to help and if anyone else has time. I edited this post today 10-23-2021 to remove too many pictures & I see from some replies that I should move the armoire against the wall to get in more light & make the room more open. I will check to see if anyone else has time to reply. Thank you!

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