ONE plant of 27-07-16 for auction.

Paul Barden
last month
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I have never offered this rose to the public before, but today I have ONE plant of it I’m auctioning off. I will be accepting bids for at least a few days, or until there seems to be a slowing of interest.
This is a rose I bred in 2007, a cross of ‘Lilian Austin’ X ‘Midnight Blue’. It has not yet been named - only has a breeder's code number: 27-07-16. The plant is modest in size (about 3x3 feet at maturity) and takes time to build up size, but it is very generous with blooms. I cannot give any information about disease resistance, as it’s never been grown outside of my test greenhouse. I make no promises about this variety’s performance- you are a Beta tester! Blooms are about 3” in size and richly scented. Flower hue is variable according to season.
If you’re interested in bidding on this unique rose, message me with your offer. Bidding starts at $30. (Shipping is added later). Half of the proceeds will go to help pay a friend's veterinary bill for her cats, who suddenly needed hospital care. (look here for more info)

I have this listed on Instagram as well:

27-07-16 Auction

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