9 weeks to Winter solstice

Margaritaville (Zone 7b/NJ)
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9 Weeks to the Winter solstice, Tuesday, December 21st this year. Is it me or is time moving faster?!

I used to suffer from more pronounced SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It's gotten better over the years and I think the milder Falls help. It's in the 80's today and somewhat humid but I understand Autumn is advancing east. For me, November and December are the worst because of the short days and light quality. As soon as we are into January, I feel my mood lifting. I don't mind the snow (it makes it incredibly bright indoors in both the house and the garage/greenhouse), as long as it does not linger and melts on its own, we're friends. I actually use the snow to water the Citrus and other subtropicals that overwinter in the garage. Perihelion (earth's closest approach to the sun), is on January 2nd this year; I'm a Leo so I keep track of these things.

I still have 90% of the tropicals outside (100% of the Citrus). Sooner or later, gotta do this herculean task.

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