Help with 1950's fireplace

Sarah Keenan
2 days ago

Hi all,

I'm looking for some help designing the space around our fireplace.

The fireplace only extends about 3.5 inches into the room. The majority of the brick is outside the house--I assume this was done to save space in the room?

I love it, but it feels difficult to know what to do around it.

  • I'd love to put up open shelves, but the wall is made out of rock and it's possible the books will extend past the fireplace and dwarf it
  • I want it to be the focal point and add some height to the 7.5 ft high ceilings
  • We're not sure if we're going to put a TV above it. We'd rather put artowrk, but it would be great if we found a spot that made sense to put a TV somewhere. We also have lots of records, a record player, and too many books to count.
  • The area will soon have to share a space with our table as the dining room will be right next to it.

Has anyone seen fireplaces like this before?? Does it have a name? Any ideas for how to optimize the space in a beautiful way are appreciated!

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