Rose in rocky/gravel filled soil

I have a portion of my yard that has been a headache since I've moved in. We leveled a portion of it not realizing there was once a gravel parking area below it and it was dispersed everywhere and I haven't had a whole luck of growing much in it since. I do have a row of boxwood that have been fine and since then I have tried various plants I thought would work (lavender, sedum, ice plant, Russian sage) and they have done okay but not thrived. Since these plants have done only ok I know this is a big ask but does anyone have a rose variety that does well in these conditions?
It gets full sun and I am in the PNW so I (usually) have a mild climate and good rainfall. And I could obviously move a foot of soil out and replace it with good soil/compost around the rootball. Ideally it would also be a rose I could have a long row (20ft long) of for greater impact, so a drift rose or something somewhat lower growing (3ft tall or less) would work best.

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