Does condenser orientation matter (asymmetric profile unit)?

Dave Johnson
11 days ago

I recently had a Lennox EL18XCV installed outside my house. It has an oblong asymmetric profile. See the photo below. The side with the red logo is the shortest side. Page 7 of the manual here shows a better top view of the profile.

The manual doesn't seem to mention anything about install orientation, only clearances. And I think we are ok there. There is more than 6" between the unit and the house (although the conduits coming out of the house are pressed up against the grille a bit, see second image below, not sure if that's a big deal).

Based on where the connections are, there are two obvious choices for orienting the unit: (1) as shown and (2) with the logo facing away from the house. Admittedly (1) is an easier fit given the positioning of the hedge, etc. But I am wondering if there is any benefit to (2) in terms or noise and/or thermal performance? The wall next to the unit is our living room, and the old unit was pretty loud in there (though this one is almost certainly far quieter in general). But I wonder if orientation (2) would direct both noise away from that wall better, given the angling of the longer side panels? It's also possible I'm being way too overanalytical (i.e. the noise probably just emits in a circle). Thoughts?

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