Can Ditra be used on bathroom walls?

Ron Rav
11 days ago

My house is concrete block construction. Five years ago we remodeled our bathroom and we have a very nice tiled tub/shower. However recently there have been cracks in the concrete blocks that have caused several tiles to develope cracks in the middle of the affected tiles and also in grout lines. I am unsure if replacing the cracked tiles and grout will be a long term solution but it may be. However i think the cracks in the blocks are dynamic based on 25 years living in the house so replacing them may just lead to cracking again.

My question is would Schluter's Ditra work on the walls and if so, is there any chance this could work with the cracking of the substrate? My research only shows Schluter's Ditra used on floors. If I decide to go this route I would then have to find an experienced professional tile person who knows Ditra but that might not be easy

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