Anyone seeing any wild life of note? October 2021

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11 days ago
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I don't find it easy getting a photo of anything that moves, but anyone who would like to share some photos, would love to see them. I haven't even been filling my birdbaths and gave up feeders a couple of years ago, but we still usually see quite a few birds in the yard. And despite having a dog on the property often, we still see rabbits. I haven't seen a chipmunk all summer, but in the spring, I saw and heard one, who had a regular route every day along the north side of the house in a shady bed from the front to the backyard. But I did see one run across the front steps of the house across the street the other day, so he is still in the neighborhood.

I heard an odd bird song the other day and continued to hear it over the next few days. Then yesterday I looked up in a tree and saw a pair of small birds. I couldn't get a close look, but at one angle, the head reminded me of a Carolina Wren. So I looked up songs of the Carolina Wren. Sure enough, that's exactly what I heard. The third one down on the list 'Duets/Northern'.

Carolina wren Calls

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