No Contractors know what this flooring is....

Kisha Farley
7 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

Hello Help Please!!!,

I have a 1926 Chicago Tudor style house, we removed the laminate and found these floors we'd like to save and refinish...problem is no one seems to know what material this is....It seems to be a slab that was cut to resemble tile... (the "grout" lines only go down like a 1/4 inch into the slab. The material seems to be about 3 inches thick in some spots. (We can see in the wholes from the radiator removal. Any tips of were to turn. (Randomly my neighboor also has this flooring in his 1921 home. It was under his carper and has lots of bold colors and designs. ) It's poreous, fiberous, it can be hand sanded..below is a close up of the fibers

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