Stripping exterior door frame, this is what it looks like

7 days ago

We have a Brazilian mahogany door slab on the way to replace the previous owner's bright purple exterior door. As you can see, they included the frame when painting with this bright purple. In order to better match the new mahogany door, we decided to strip the paint on the frame to see if there was wood underneath, with the intention of staining the exterior trim/jamb/frame to better match the new door. However, upon stripping the paint it looks like part of the trim is what looks like a type of multi-ply, so I'm not sure if this is going to turn out if we try to stain it... it might look a bit strange. Door jamb itself seems like some kind of softwood like a pine so that could be fine but just not sure about the trim. Another thing about the door jamb is it has this type of sawtooth mating, seems to be glued together in pieces.

Given I've already stripped down the top layer of bright purple latex and probably factory layer of white paint and primer in spots, do you think I should keep going/strip it all off, or do you think I should stop here and start sanding/coating this in a type of plaster or plastic wood or wood filler to get an even surface again, sand, then prime. Thinking like a flat brown or flat black top coat of paint? The new door comes with blackish iron rivets and speakeasy grate.

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